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Benefits and challenges of Drupal Adoption for Multinational Organisations

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There are many success stories of how organisations converted all their web systems to Drupal. But what about blanket adoption of Drupal by multinational organisations with business units operating all over the world?

In this presentation, I will discuss the benefits attained and challenges facing multi-national organisations adopting vendor-independent Drupal solutions. The goal? To improve cost-effectiveness, uniformity, scalability and maintainability of their business's websites across the world.

Topics will include:

  • How to improve cost-effectiveness and maintainability while ensuring scalability
  • Utilising local vendors
  • Code governance - how to prevent local vendors from breaking the entire platform
  • How to efficiently provide user-level support and platform-level support
  • What to look out for (e.g. regional legal obligations, regulatory requirements)

Modules briefly discussed/demonstrated:

  • Features
  • Simpletest

Issues that will be addressed by this session:


  • How Drupal can increase the efficiency and ROI of web systems for multinational organisations


  • Maintaining the maintainability, scalability and security
  • Importance of selecting the right local vendors
  • Importance of adherence to Drupal best-practices
  • Governance: change and code management


  • Git and access control
  • Whether or not to run sites under multisite settings
  • Code / release governance

Mori Sugimoto is a Technical Account Manager at Acquia who helps enterprise customers adopt and operate Drupal-based solutions.

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Thursday, February 7 - 2:15pm-3:15pm
Oceanic Ballroom West
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