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Building an awesome e-commerce store in 25 minutes

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BigCommerce, Shopify and Etsy make it really easy for you to get a really nice, functioning e-commerce system out of the box in 5 minutes, without lifting a finger. And they look sexy.

Did you know that you can do that with Drupal? Yes - you can make a Drupal store look sexy.

In this session we'll look at how you can build a sexy, awesome, amazingly cool, friendly, extensible and customisable store in 25 minutes. Yes. It will look cool. You can sell stuff on it and people might even buy it.

We'll be working through the basics of getting Drupal Commerce Kickstart 2.0 up and running, customising it for Australia and implementing the basic things you want to get up and running selling your products.

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Thursday, February 7 - 1:00pm-2:00pm
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