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Configuration Management in Drupal 7

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Configuration management is a big initiative for Drupal 8 but what can you do now in Drupal 7?

This talk is a follow up and built upon similar talk with the same title in DrupalCon Munich


  • What is Configuration Management
  • We will talk about different way to manage configuration
  • We will have a little refreshment about contrib solutions including Features, and Configuration modules.
  • We will highlight the difference between Features module and configuration module. We will also talk little bit about the state of configuration module, what has been added or has been changed to since DrupalCon Munich.
  • We will have little demo of configuration module if time permits.

Intended Audience

This session content is mostly for Intermediate user that has been building various Drupal sites. But a beginner that has built a site also can get benefits from this session.


Features Module

Features provides a UI and API for taking different site building components from modules with exportables and bundling them together in a single feature module. A feature module is like any other Drupal module except that it declares its components (e.g. views, contexts, CCK fields, etc.) in its .info file so that it can be checked, updated, or reverted programmatically.

More at the Features project page.

Configuration Module

The configuration management module enables the ability to keep track of specific configurations on a Drupal site, provides the ability to move these configurations between different environments (local, dev, qa, prod), and also move configurations between completely different sites on a granular level (migrate configurations).

This module takes some concepts from the Drupal 8 core Configuration Management Initiative(CMI), including the concept of the "activestore" and "configstore" architecture, and applies them to D7. This allows us to use some of the benefits from CMI in D7 now.

More at the Configuration project page.

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Friday, February 8 - 10:45am-11:45am
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Hi . Excellent presentation. I'm going to look at the issue queue to see how I can help. One thing I'd like to request is that when I watched the video of your presentation on here, the quality wasn't good enough for me to see the demonstration properly. Could you please post a link to it if it's publicly available?

Dave (cferthorney on D.O)

Hello, thank you for the feedback.

I will upload it as soon as I get good internet connection. probably on 12 of Feb. I will upload it without voice over first, then I will upload with voice over explaining about the demo. I will also upload demo that could not be shown, because of time limitation.

Hello, I have uploaded demo video in its original resolution. you probably need to install VLC player to view those videos. Regards - Arradi Nur Rizal