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Content strategy and the QUT web redevelopment project

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Evaluate this session.

User friendly content - how we thought we'd do it, and how we did it (our successes and fails).

We took more than 1000 websites and tried to turn them into 3.

Did we meet our deadline? Did we use personas? Were we 'agile' enough? What tools were used? Did we make the best use of the CMS?

Come and find out as Jilly shares her experiences from this project. You'll hear about content strategy, content modelling, auditing, migration, and how helpful an image of a shiny camel can be.

Note: if people are keen, we can organise a BoF session where we will workshop strategy for you to 'take away'.

Redeveloped site:

Comments from previous presentation of this session:

Fantastic presentation and lively presenter. Thanks for sharing your experience Jilly.

Fantastic insight on a complex project, thanks again Jilly!
-Sally Bagshaw

Thanks so much Jilly & Sally for an insightful look into the workings of a major content project. I was inspired :)

Thanks Jilly. This was all very insightful for me. I'm still pretty new to content strategy but it's great to hear tips from someone who has tackled something so monstrous . . . and won!

Jilly - I'm never using Powerpoint again after discovering (from your tip) the Presentation function in Google Docs. Life. Changing. Thanks for a great talk tonight, Jilly.

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Thursday, February 7 - 5:00pm-6:00pm
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Content Authoring
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I followed the embedded link above and the primary site seems to be using the Squiz Matrix CMS. Does this presentation have any Drupal relevance or is it covering content strategy in a CMS agnostic way?