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Designing for Uncertainty

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Rethink your design thinking for a million-device world

Responsive Design is arguably both the biggest step forward and the biggest buzzword in web design today. This talk isn't about building a responsive design; it's about changing how you think about design in the first place. Admit it: you don't know where your design will be viewed – so it’s essential that you know how to design and create buildable, sustainable sites that move and scale from the smallest to the largest screens, regardless of content. (Because hey, you don’t not know what that will be either.)

Remember: you’re designing a flexible system of visual hierarchy – not just a page. As such, you need to understand how people learn and interact with different devices. Scale, proportion and contrast alter visual and cognitive relationships immensely, and successful designers learn to embrace that fluidity in order to create the most engaging and innovative sites and apps.

This talk will help identify new design techniques and approaches that will help you successfully convey meaning and understanding on screens and devices of all kinds. The future is not on your desktop, so you’d best learn to design for it wherever it is.

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Thursday, February 7 - 10:45am-11:45am
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