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Download DrupalCon Sydney Sessions from YouTube

The DrupalCon technical team got the Sydney Keynotes and sessions up lightning fast and in addition to being on the DrupalCon page, the videos are on YouTube as well. Here's how you download them to your computer so you can view them on your smartphone or tablet.

1. Download ilivid and install
2. Visit the DrupalCon YouTube channel
3. Select a session and grab the url []
4. Launch ilivid
5. Paste the link for the session in "Paste links here ...."
6. Click Download
7. Wait until the session has downloaded then open iTunes
8. Go to File > Add to Library
9. Browse to the downloaded session
10. Click Open
11. Done
.... and repeat for all sessions

Thanks to Paul Johnson ( @pdjohnson ) and Tim Miller ( @spyjournal ) for putting this together.

Also thanks to Peter Lieverdink (@cafuego) for creating and seeding this awesome DrupalCon Sydney - Session Video Torrent where you can download all files in h264 file format.

After you're done with all of the above, please don't forget to take the quick DrupalCon Sydney Survey and rate each session as you watch them.