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Drupal 8 Web Services

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Learn about the brand new Web Services that are in Drupal 8. Core Drupal can now finally read and write entities via a RESTful web service. For example, a native mobile app or Backbone single page web app can now create/read/update/delete nodes, users, terms, etc. without going through the usual web forms. Views will soon offer a Service where you can retrieve view results via a Web Service.

Drupal is now cleanly exposed for other servers and software to interact with it. Furthermore, custom bits of Drupal can add their own Services quickly and easily

Learn more, and discuss next steps, including web services which Contrib can start building right now. Background information at

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Thursday, February 7 - 10:45am-11:45am
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Coding & Development
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A well formed talk that gave us a basic look at what Drupal 8 services will be like, Really enjoyed it.