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Geek girls in the Philippines Meet Drupal!

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Find out about the vital role of women nowadays, particularly in the Philippine Drupal community. How these female geeks strengthen, empower, and dedicate their most precious time in Drupal community just to make things possible.The sacrifices and hardships encountered by the female organizers and the responsibilities being shouldered by those active women who have the passion to make the community survive. Women who do full-time participation and those that are trying to balance life with family, community and work.

* Meet the women behind these successful events, hear their key successful mantras and learn how they overcome struggles in every single event of the Philippine Drupal community.
* What is the best way in order to have a successful event, even when it is being planned within a short period of time?
* How does the Drupal community in the Philippines became alive after being touch by women's ideas?
* How does Drupal collaborate with women from different programming backgrounds?
* Women as part of the Drupal community in the Philippines and their contributions in general.
* How does one faith of one woman lift up morale for Drupal users in the Philippines?
* The challenges that the Drupal community in the Philippines are facing as women play one major important role.
* Learn how the organizers like the geek girls in Philippines able to handle pressure and flaws.

- Women who are actively involved with Drupal
- People who want to hear about the Philippine Drupal community
- Developers who are eager to be active in the Drupal community
- Women who want to be active in the community of Drupal
- People who think participating in the community is hard
- People who are eager to learn from our experiences
- Anyone who would like to hear about women in the community

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Friday, February 8 - 2:15pm-3:15pm
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