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Get in on content authoring!

DrupalCons naturally tend to focus on the sitebuilding and development side of things, which led us to choose Content Authoring as one of our floating tracks.

The idea of content as a component of web development is not new, but it is often forgotten in practice. As developers, it's easy to write content off as 'not my problem' when developing a complex CMS. As clients, it's easy to say 'content comes later' and focus on supplying requirements instead.

That's a great way to end up with a halfway useful CMS! Even if 'the site as you built it' works perfectly, you'll end up with complaints about 'bugs' that are equivalent to 'this doesn't meet my needs even though it's what I technically asked for'.

This can easily be avoided! So to save you lots of future headaches, we're highlighting the value - both for the vendor and the client - of including content strategy and content authoring experience in your web development process. Think you can help in this effort? Submit a session now!

Those of us using Drupal will all be getting a boost on that front with the release of Drupal 8, with several initiatives making awesome progress on improving the content authoring experience. These initiatives are increasingly seen as critical to the future success of Drupal, indicating that content authoring is emerging from the shadows in the world of web development.

Additionally, this track is closely tied to the DrupaCon Sydney theme of 'Growing Drupal Downunder'. We want to attract a broader audience, by featuring sessions across all aspects of web strategy, including content.

We want to engage the 'silent majority' - the people who use Drupal every day but might not be aware of the larger community. Or maybe they know about it but don't know how easy it is to get involved! Enter DrupalCon Sydney.

If you're a specialist in this area, or have tales of success (or woe) to share, please submit a session now!

If you want to learn more about it, register for DrupalCon Sydney now!

You can view the list of proposed sessions in this track here.