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Give Your Content Creators Reasons to Love You

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Easy & Intuitive are two words that usually don't go together with content creation. Generally our content creators have to bend over backwards to understand how Drupal (or us Devs) built their site. This results in longer training, slower uptake of the flexibility of Drupal, forgetting what goes where and potentially -- less usage of the CMS and less fresh content.

This is not an ideal situation.

In this session I will present a number of techniques and best practices that us Developers can implement quickly and effectively. The aim of course is to remove that complexity that creates a very real barrier between the actual content owners and their usage of Drupal.

I will demo techniques and will highlight a number of real-world sites that I have built that employ some of these techniques.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Advanced content layout techniques
  • Creating intuitive User Interfaces for your content creators
  • Taxonomy driven layouts
  • Faceted search

Some of the modules covered:

  • Bean
  • Context
  • Views
  • Facet API
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Thursday, February 7 - 10:45am-11:45am
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Content Authoring
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