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News & Media Case Study: South China Morning Post

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South China Morning Post (SCMP) launched a rebuild of their website previously built on Vingette, now on Drupal 7.

The 15 month long project took a team of 4 Drupal developers, 2 Themers, 3 Sysadmins and 3 project managers to complete.

As an architect and lead developer of this project I'm proud to present this session as a case study into using Drupal for News & Media reflecting on the project. This session will highlight:

  • A brief background of the project.
  • Distinctive characteristics of a news site/portal and how Drupal handles them.
  • Numbers and statistics regarding effort, size and scale of the project.
  • Scalability and performance troubleshooting.
  • Lessons learned building a media portal in Drupal.

Josh Waihi has been a Drupal developer for the past 5 years and has been a regular contributor to Drupal core and contrib. Josh is maintainer of the PostgreSQL Driver in Drupal.

Josh works for Catalyst IT in New Zealand as a senior developer and architect in Drupal projects.

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Friday, February 8 - 10:45am-11:45am
Oceanic Ballroom West
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