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Panopoly: Building a Powerful Base Distribution

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Panopoly is an Apps enabled distribution of Drupal powered by lots of Chaos Tools and Panels magic. The distribution is designed to be both a general foundation for site building and a base framework upon which to build other Drupal distributions.

This session will rock out with the latest and greatest version of Panopoly, the soon to be released 1.0. We will discuss the major features of the distribution, talk about how the different contributed modules that are working together, and do a live demonstration around key functionality.

Afterwards, we will dig into the technical details to talk about the anatomy of a Drupal distribution and outline the steps that are required to extend Panopoly to customize your own "sub distribution".

Come to this session to learn both about Panopoly and about what it takes to build your own Drupal distribution!

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Thursday, February 7 - 5:00pm-6:00pm
Oceanic Ballroom West
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Coding & Development
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Great presentation Matt. I really dug the bit about not reinventing the wheel. Distro authors shouldn't have to solve the some old issues with WYSIWYG etc etc. For this reason alone I'll be checking out Panopoly... but I think that your preso may have swung me on panels as well :) Probably my fave talk of the conference.