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Case Study: Flight Centre

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Energetic duo Simon Collier-Baker and Kiel Frost will take you through how Flight Centre did an RSP and six month selection except without any of that. They’ll share their implementation plan and talk about why the Drupal community and Flight Centre’s culture are made for eachother.

Kiel Frost, Team Leader of Web Development at Flight Centre

I have been working in the online industry for around 7 years. My previous roles include design and front end development. I started at Flight Centre around 3 years as front end developer eventually moving to a Team Leader position around 1 1/2 year ago. Some of my roles as Team Leader is to provide web solutions for the Flight Centre brands and provide a brightness of future for our developers.

I have recently taken on the Drupal migration project which involves migrating of 35 websites including from it's current CMS into Drupal. Also assisting with training for our current crop of developers with the move to Drupal.

Simon Collier-Baker, Development Team Lead at Flight Centre

"I have been working in web development for the last 10 years. Over that time I have spent the majority of my career as a PHP developer building mobile sites, web sites, payment systems, and SMS billing gateways. During my career I have always been an advocate of open source technologies and have used multiple open source content management systems and frameworks.

For the last 2 years I have been working at Flight Centre Limited. I started with the company as a front end developer before moving into a development team leader role 18 months ago.
Currently the majority of my time is spent managing Flight Centre's booking engine development team, and am responsible for multiple Flight Centre Limited brands. We develop and support the desktop and mobile versions of the booking system.

My involvement with Drupal began when as a web development group at Flight Centre we decided we needed a new architecture and that a new CMS should be the core piece moving forward.
From the early days of the project over 12 months ago I have been involved with the evaluation of multiple content management systems, the decision to use Drupal, the decision to partner with Acquia and now the migration of our websites with all the challenges that presents."

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