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Keynote: Pia Waugh

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Disrupting the Status Quo

Governments everywhere are struggling to cope with the dramatic changes of the past decade. The changes are at every level of society including the expectations of citizens, needs of the private sector, technology advancements, the shift to ubiquitous and mobile connectivity and the fact that individuals are more empowered than ever before.

This talk will discuss the changing business imperatives and pressures put upon governments and what this means for the use and procurement of technology, and by extension, the technology sector. It will also go into how Open Source technologies and methodologies provide useful tools and lessons for governments everywhere, and assist in building new ways to collaborate and deliver citizen-centric services and information. This is particularly important given the tight financial constraints of recent years and the lack of investment in tech at a time when the needs and expectations of society demand an innovative approach. Open Source helps create a necessary disruption of the status quo so that governments can more effectively serve and support a digital society.

About Pia Waugh

Pia Waugh is a community leader for open government. Having formerly worked in Australia for Senator Kate Lundy, Waugh spearheaded the growth of the Australian 'open government' community by organising events such as GovHack, GovCamp and other events that bring together a diverse range of citizens who want to see government data made open for reuse. Previously, Waugh was known for her former work as an Australian free software advocate. Her past positions include presidency of the organisation that runs Software Freedom Day; and presidency and vice-presidency of Linux Australia.

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