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Collaborating with the Public Sector

Speaker(s): DavidCalculli
Beginner Business & Strategy

News & Media Case Study: South China Morning Post

Speaker(s): Josh Waihi
Intermediate Case Studies

Build better websites with Panels

Speaker(s): jenlampton
Beginner Sitebuilding

Content strategy and the QUT web redevelopment project

Speaker(s): JillyMagee
Beginner Content Authoring

Benefits and challenges of Drupal Adoption for Multinational Organisations

Speaker(s): dokumori
Intermediate Business & Strategy

Information architecture for site builders

Speaker(s): murrayw
Intermediate Sitebuilding

Climbing the Drupal Ladder

Speaker(s): add1sun
Beginner Community

The Angry Themer

Speaker(s): mortendk
Beginner Frontend

Designing for Uncertainty

Speaker(s): jpamental
Intermediate Frontend

Patch Review

Speaker(s): ZenDoodles, Speaker(s): xjm
Intermediate Community

Applied agile for Drupal projects

Speaker(s): wesku
Beginner Business & Strategy

Search All the Things

Speaker(s): cyberswat
Advanced Coding & Development

The Naked Node: code-free Drupal

Speaker(s): ericaordinary
Beginner Sitebuilding

CSS is for Clark Kent. Sass is for Superman.

Speaker(s): JohnAlbin
Beginner Frontend

How to Create Ravenously Passionate Contributors

Speaker(s): webchick
Beginner Community

User-centered design for Drupal sites

Speaker(s): xtfer
Intermediate Frontend

Fairly Local - A Drupal Powered iPhone App and Website

Speaker(s): scottsanders
Intermediate Frontend

Panopoly: Building a Powerful Base Distribution

Speaker(s): populist
Intermediate Coding & Development

Building for a Post-Mobile World

Speaker(s): eaton
Intermediate Content Authoring

Twig, and the new theme layer in Drupal 8

Speaker(s): JohnAlbin, Speaker(s): mortendk, Speaker(s): jenlampton, Speaker(s): piers.warmers
Beginner Frontend


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