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Build better websites with Panels

Speaker(s): jenlampton

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Beginner Sitebuilding

Building for a Post-Mobile World

Speaker(s): eaton

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Intermediate Content Authoring

How to Create Ravenously Passionate Contributors

Speaker(s): webchick

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Beginner Community

It's not "their Drupal" - It's OUR Drupal

Speaker(s): mortendk

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Beginner Community

Performance Tough Love

Speaker(s): msonnabaum

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Intermediate Coding & Development

News & Media Case Study: South China Morning Post

Speaker(s): Josh Waihi

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Intermediate Case Studies

Benefits and challenges of Drupal Adoption for Multinational Organisations

Speaker(s): dokumori

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Intermediate Business & Strategy

Applied agile for Drupal projects

Speaker(s): wesku

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Beginner Business & Strategy

The Naked Node: code-free Drupal

Speaker(s): ericaordinary

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Beginner Sitebuilding

Climbing the Drupal Ladder

Speaker(s): add1sun

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Beginner Community

Enterprise Drupal Migrations: Lessons from Large Scale Migrations

Speaker(s): jwalpole, Speaker(s): chrisstrahl

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Beginner Business & Strategy

CSS is for Clark Kent. Sass is for Superman.

Speaker(s): JohnAlbin

With the all new technologies we have to learn as web developers, we have to be Superman. Powerful and super-fast. Learning CSS3, responsive web design, mobile first and HTML5 all at the...

Beginner Frontend