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Selling Drupal to Large Enterprises

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In many large enterprises, Drupal is becoming a bigger threat to legacy enterprise content management systems. When approaching these enterprises to suggest Drupal projects, development teams often face an unfair fight. In one corner are the large, enterprise CMS players and their dedicated, expensive, powerful selling teams, and in the other corner is the development team shouting over the noise to promote the benefits of Drupal.

The proprietary CMS players have their arguments fully mapped out. On the other hand, Drupal developers are unique in their view of content as a strategic asset, and by promoting how the team helps clients optimize their content into digital marketing strategy shared by marketing and IT, this argument can put Drupal ahead of the pack.

However, not every battle has a winning outcome. There is no silver bullet and not every enterprise will be willing to rise above the legacy CMS noise. A development team must know when current Drupal limitations will keep a specific enterprise from achieving its goals and move along to another company whose project can benefit from Drupal and the support of its growing community.

In this session, I’ll share experiences as part of a Drupal Sales Engineering Team. I’ll discuss how Drupal can help optimize a client’s digital marketing strategy, arguments against Drupal that development teams can expect to hear, points development teams can highlight as they promote Drupal to new customers and how to know when the team should cut their losses and move on to another company that will profit from Drupal’s benefits.

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Friday, February 8 - 3:45pm-4:45pm
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