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Session proposals for the Business & Strategy track

With less than a week to go before submissions close, NOW is the time to submit your session proposal for DrupalCon Sydney 2013’s Business & Strategy track!

I’m thrilled that we’ll be offering a significant volume of sessions that target audiences beyond just the tech-heads. In particular, the Business & Strategy, Content Authoring, Case Studies and Frontend tracks will target technology executives, business owners, managers, content authors, administrators, marketers, designers, people interested in accessibility and more.

As Track Chair, I’m also thrilled with the variety and quality of the sessions proposed for the Business & Strategy track, but our goal is to provide the best possible session quality targeting a wide audience. To that end, if you have experience delivering Drupal and feel that your knowledge and experience could be beneficial to others, please consider proposing a session. Of course you’ll have to do this quickly as session proposals close at 23:59 AEST on Friday 26 October 2012 (UTC+10)

We currently have session proposals that address various industry sectors, some focussed on site marketing, competing technologies, project management, human resource management, mobile strategy and managing a Drupal-powered organisation. There’s plenty of room for more topics in these themes but I’d also like to see submissions on selling Drupal, utilising third party software with Drupal, and Open Government.

If talking at a session is not your style, you can contribute by commenting on the sessions that have been proposed. Challenge the presenter to address aspects they may not have considered or to provide more information about their talk, with a view to improving the quality and appeal of the session. Your input can make a difference.

For those of you who have submitted a session already, please review your session’s description. Consider it a tool to sell your session first of all to the session selection panel, and second to prospective attendees. We will not be able to fit in all proposed sessions, so make sure yours has the best chance of being selected and well attended.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.