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Sharing content between Drupal sites

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The media industry has a vast amount of historic and rich in meta data that can be re-purposed or exposed for greater value, even within the walls of a single firm. SBS, a firm with content in the hundreds of thousands, has built a network of Drupal websites that can share content at a click of a button.

This talk will discuss the architecture around how Drupal can communicate with a schema-less content repository, and how a Drupal site can manage the relationships of vast amounts of externally imported data. Open standards and simplicity are at the heart of the system, using common schemas, RESTful web services and open source frameworks.

Key technologies in this presentation are: Drupal, Symfony2.1, Doctrine, MongoDB, RESTful, JSON-LD, OpenCalais, Solr

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Thursday, February 7 - 5:00pm-6:00pm
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This sounds like a great presentation. Content sharing is always a tricky beast in Drupal, and for that matter, any web system.

I definitely want to attend this one... so it better be picked! :)