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Suncorp Group: Growing and Managing a Drupal Team in your Corporation

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Growing a team in a large corporation is tough. Growing a team with no supporting infrastructure, development skills or roadmap is almost impossible. Those were our challenges when we started down the Drupal journey in Suncorp Group. We are a large diverse company with many well known brands including Suncorp Bank, AAMI, GIO, Bingle, Apia, Asteron, Vero and Shannons.

In Suncorp there was a time before Drupal, when there were large vendor content management systems, bespoke internal sites, agency managed websites and websites running on personal servers. As a corporation, we needed a flexible, secure, scalable and modern system to manage our corporate sites, whether they are external, internal, secure sites or content repositories and Drupal was the chosen platform.

In this talk, you will be hearing about the time after Drupal at Suncorp, specifically focusing on how we built a sustainable team to support over 30 large corporate Drupal sites (and growing). We will be discussing the challenges in starting up the team, what we had to help grow the team, how we kept the team engaged and retain talent, what we did when we became a victim of our own success (too much work!) and why a being a Drupal developer in Suncorp is a hot commodity.

The discussions and case study here will be very familiar to challenges and situations you may be facing with your own company or business when managing your teams.

About Suncorp Group

Suncorp Group includes leading general insurance, banking, life insurance and superannuation brands in Australia and New Zealand. The Group has around 16,000 employees and relationships with nine million customers. It is a Top 25 ASX listed company with over $95 billion in assets.

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Thursday, February 7 - 2:15pm-3:15pm
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