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Training: Plan, Build, Launch: Real-World Drupal

This course is sold out and will not have a waitlist.

Course Description

Are you an independent site builder who's tired of stressed-out launches, a growing Drupal shop trying to take on larger sites, or part of the internal web team at a large organization? If so, you've probably been bitten by a too-complex Drupal project. Our tools are getting better every day, but delivering professional sites is more than just clicking the right buttons and implementing the right hooks!

In this all-day training session, the battle-hardened Lullabot team will walk you through the top ten pitfalls for real-world Drupal projects and how to avoid them. We'll cover essential techniques for planning a successful project before the first module is installed, and the often-overlooked issues that can trip up projects before they launch. We'll also look at how you can future-proof your site, plan for future changes, and minimize the risk of an epic Drupal upgrade.

Learning Objectives

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Turn wireframes and mockups into a real plan
  • Estimate realistic Drupal timelines and budgets
  • Build, test, and go live with multiple developers
  • Reduce the pain of content migration
  • Understand how "Agile" projects really work
  • Avoid the launch-day explosion
  • Plan for Drupal's future changes

Course Pre-Requisites

Attendees MUST have knowledge of basic Drupal site building, including Fields and Views.
Attendees will also benefit from basic PHP knowledge, familiarity with tools like Features, and and understanding of basic source control concepts, since we'll be touching on all of these, although these are not required to benefit from the course.


Individual developers and site builders looking to "Go Pro"
Small Drupal and web shops struggling with larger projects
Teams at corporate, nonprofit, and educational institutions that need better processes for their Drupal projects

Course Information

Instructor(s): Addison Berry and Jeff Eaton
Company: Lullabot
Experience level: Intermediate

Schedule info
Time Slot: 
Wednesday February 6 - 9:00am-6:00pm