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Content strategist
Weave Web Communications
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Angus Gordon is a writer and content strategist. He is part of the team at Weave Web Communications in Melbourne. Angus comes from an academic background. He completed a PhD in English at the University of Melbourne, and lectured and tutored for several years. Angus got involved in the web industry through working as a freelance copywriter. Working independently on web content, Angus learned that the web industry had very different ways of dealing with content. In some projects, content was treated as an integral part of planning and developing a website; in others, it was regarded as the client's responsibility, something generally planned at the last minute, often holding up the launch of a site that was otherwise complete. Too many experiences with the second type of web project led Angus to an interest in the growing field of content strategy. Now, working as a full-time member of a web team, collaborating closely with strategists, designers and developers, Angus can help create websites that give content the love and attention it deserves.


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