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Enterprise Practice Manager
Professional: Project management, business-side, and enterprise Drupal Fun: Rafting, diving, and climbing
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As Enterprise Practice Manager at Phase2, Chris ensures the success of our commercial enterprise projects and guides the growth of our enterprise practice. He is passionate about providing focused professional sales, delivery, and support; and with 8 years of project management experience, Chris is well adept at pinpointing the needs of our enterprise clientele. Chris has extensive experience working with some of the largest commercial clients in Drupal. As the former Program Manager of Acquia's Large Scale Drupal program, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge on how to manage successful commercial Drupal projects. Prior to Phase 2, Chris worked under the Office of the CTO at Acquia. Chris also co-founded his own SAP implementation company, Orchestra. Chris received his MBA from Washington State University. He enjoys working on strategy around project management, technology, and organizational behavior.


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