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Team Leader
I love the web, technology and gadgets and love to interact with like minded people. I regularly run, swim and cycle. Occasionally play soccer and golf. I also love games but nowadays that means watching my kids play and be amazed at their dexterity as much as the games themselves.
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I am deeply passionate about technology and how it is shaping our lives. It has certainly shaped mine. Despite having a legal background, I started my IT career as a mainframe programmer in 1995. This led to my first opportunity to work on the web in 1999 and I haven’t looked back since. To date I have been a designer, developer, UX analyst, technical lead and project manager in the corporate web domain. I have used Drupal since 2008 when I helped to introduce the framework into Suncorp Group which now hosts sites like Suncorp Bank, AAMI, GIO, Apia, Bingle, Vero and Asteron Life to name a few. I currently lead teams of people distributed across Australia and overseas, using the Agile methodology to create innovative, high quality, secure, usable, accessible and efficient enterprise level web solutions for the insurance and financial industries. Some sites I am responsible for are: Many of these sites serve specific mobile themes, others serve Facebook applications and there are internal sites that serve as content repositories.


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