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Web Developer
Moat Media
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Erica Bramham started Drupal life having only built a few old-school static HTML websites, and was thrown into the deep end maintaining a community organisation's outdated Drupal site. With a little training, fewer resources and no PHP or database knowledge whatsoever, she learned the hard way how to work around these shortfalls and even implemented CiviCRM to replace the organisation's ancient Access database. She is passionate about mentoring new developers past Drupal's difficult starting point, and believes that with the right guidance Drupal can be the perfect tool for non-coding developers to build secure and scalable small to medium sized websites. Erica regularly attends the Drupal Melbourne weekend mentoring sessions helping new developers with the Drupal basics, and is part of the core team of women behind the newly established Melbourne branch of Drupalchix. She currently works as a Drupal developer at Moat Media in Melbourne, and spends the rest of her time as a jazz singer and time traveller. You can follow @apple_ida on Twitter, but just don't expect too many Drupal themed tweets.


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