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John Albin
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mobile, front-end performance, sass, responsive design, lemurs
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John Albin Wilkins has been a web developer since the Paleolithic Era. In early 1993, he was introduced to NCSA Mosaic, the first graphical web browser, and spent a few hours browsing the entire web (which only consisted of NCSA’s and CERN’s websites). He was unimpressed. Nonetheless, he had nothing better to do and started building websites. Since then, John embraced the open culture of the web and started sharing his expertise. John has given talks in four continents, speaking on topics like information architecture, CSS, Sass/Compass, mobile, and responsive design. He is also a prolific sharer of free code. Incorporating a CSS/Sass framework, his Zen theme has been downloaded almost 750,000 times. Recently, John developed the “container-relative floats” technique that now powers responsive layout tools like, Singularity, and Zen Grids. His name is also found several times in Drupal’s MAINTAINERS.txt and he is the lead of the Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative. John currently lives with his wife and kids on the island of Taiwan, where they occasionally play with Lemurs.


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