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Without the help of countless organisers and volunteers from Australia, New Zealand, and across the world, DrupalCon Sydney wouldn’t be as awesome. Learn more about the volunteer roles and sign up for open positions.

The following people have contributed to the making of this conference (so far):

Community Lead: Owen Lansbury
Content Lead: Donna Benjamin

Track Chairs

Business + Strategy: Mark Matuschka, Bert Boerland, George DeMet
Case Studies: Peter Cossey
Coding + Development: Dave Hall, Kevin Bridges, Stefan Freudenberg
Content Authoring: Pamela Barone
Community: Brian Gilbert, Karyn Cassio, João Ventura
Frontend: Mr Snow, Todd Nienkerk, Jozef Toth
Site Building: Alastair Moore, Allie Micka, Florian Loretan

Training Lead: James Gollan
BoF & Code Sprint Lead: Kim Pepper


Project Manager: Pamela Barone
Sitebuilding & Theming: Robert Caracaus
Landing page: Colin Watson
Website content: Magda Kostrzewa, Pamela Barone


Creative Direction: Owen Lansbury
Art Direction and Production: Lee Olsen @ Shift Refresh


Volunteer Coordinator: Magda Kostrzewa
Social Media: AimeeMaree Forsstrom
Help Desk: Berend De Boer, Raul Alberto Caceres
Student Ticket Applications: James Beake
Scholarship manager: Chris Ward
News/Blogger: Simon Hobbs
Planning assistance: Ryan Cross, Mikhail Holt

Drupal Association

Event Manager: Neil Kent
Program Coordinator: Stephanie El-Hajj
Executive Director: Jacob Redding
Systems: Tyler Ward
Marketing + Communications: Marta Betts
Operations: Kris Klinkhammer
Membership: Lizz Trudeau


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