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We need to look back to move forward

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As we all look forward to seeing the final release of Drupal 8, in this session we will take a step back and look at the past and how we got here, how Drupal has changed over the years, and how we as a community have improved. We will have a chance to recall a growing pains as well as shiny moments. Doubtlessly, Drupal has changed our life. This session will show how it went backwards too -- our life changed Drupal too.

Over the session we will take a look at all 15 major releases of Drupal from 1.0 to 7.x and some of the major hi-lights like:

  • node system, what was before the node system? why does everything want to be a node?
  • The menu system, the early days of the menu system. how this has grown up, and the major future changes.
  • formapi and hook_form_alter() why hook_form_alter() was one of the largest, but only a small contribution for Drupal
  • How we used to theme, and how theming has changed, and improved.
  • Administration has changed, configuration and adding content
  • How we got a first class update system, and what was also spawned from and gave use many other great tools.

Also uncovering the truths behind the 2 most requested items in Drupal. hows these were finally put to rest.

  • All objects should be first class objects
  • Everything should be nodes. users, comments, etc

We have grown up, as a product and a community and this is a session to celebrate it.

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Friday, February 8 - 3:45pm-4:45pm
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